Austin Dental Implants

Missing teeth can completely detract from your overall smile, but our Austin dental implants are a real game changer. Dental implants are still a relatively new advancement in cosmetic dentistry, and they are by far the most effective way of replacing missing teeth.

With our Austin dental bridges and implants, we install an artificial root made of titanium into your jaw and place a natural-looking implant crown on the top. Not only will this look like your tooth is still in place, but our dental implants in Austin TX are incredibly sturdy and durable so you don’t have to worry about them falling out or becoming damaged.

There are many different forms of Austin dental implants, and they just depend on the needs of your smile.

  • Single tooth: Single-tooth implants are easy to install and can fill in the gap left behind by a missing tooth. Your implant will be custom designed in a lab to look natural and function like a natural tooth would.
  • Multiple teeth: This form of Austin dental bridges helps fill in a numerous missing teeth that are side by side. Each side is anchored by an implant that fastens the bridge securely to your gums.
  • Removable implant overdentures: Some people opt for a full set of dentures, but instead of risking them slipping around, they can be fastened down with titanium dental implants. This eliminates that slipping and more closely mimics a natural set of teeth.

Our implants and dental bridge in Austin TX have been of huge benefit to many patients that are not just embarrassed by their missing teeth, but find it hard to eat, speak and do other things.


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